by Carole Losee © 2005-2020

Photo by Tracy Boyd © 2005

Passing the torch was a tradition that was practiced by the runners of foot races in the ancient Greek world.  The flame was lighted at the temple of the deity in whose honor the race was run, and then passed from runner to runner, lighting the way along the path of the race. In many ways this describes the learning process. Teachers and parents, perhaps priests, older siblings, grandparents and sages, pass on to the young the wisdom that has been given to them by the genera-tion before them. This treasure, which is of infinitely permanent and inestimable value, must be passed down and preserved because it forms the basis of our intellectual and cultural heritage.

This site contains books with a world-wide focus that were edited and written by Elizabeth Seeger for middle school and high school students, their teachers, and children of all ages. Elizabeth Seeger gave this wealth to my generation of teachers and students, and I, in turn, am passingthetorches to you.